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Abiriba history and culture

The Abiriba people are part of the Agunaguna sub-tribe of the main Ekoi group. They are part of the larger Yakurr group that can also be traced up to Ikom and other parts of the upper Cross River basin. The present Yakor (Yakurr) Local Government Area of Cross River State includes Ugep, Agunanguna, Nko, Usukpam (Urukpam) Ubaghara and others. In these areas are such other settlements as Ebiribara, Ebom-Ebiriba et cetera. As a matter of fact, the Ebom-Ebiribas in Yakor simply changed their name to Ebom because the present Abiriba (Ebiriba) was virtually eclipsing them such that even mails meant for them found their way into Abiriba of Abia State.

From events and available data, the Abiribas were said to have crossed the river at Usukpam, hence they are often referred to as Usukpam-Etete, a nostalgic name for the ancient home. Usukpam, as called by the natives there now, is part of Akpaa-Erei clan of the larger Ena Clan. The Abiriba lived here for long when they left mainland Ena-Uda unde…

Abiriba history and culture